Yerevan, Armenia. Take two.

I’ve been total shit at writing the past five days.  I would try to make up for it tonight but it’ll just have to wait til I hit the ground in Yerevan.  I’m off tomorrow night for two weeks.  I hit the ground in Armenia Wednesday morning until the end of the month. 

For now, I’ll just leave you with a few pictures of Mt. Ararat, which I’m hoping to make it to this trip.  It is in Turkey, though, and borders Iran so I won’t be shocked if I have to view from a distance.  We’ll see what my pals in Armenia say.  Either way, last time I could see a beautiful view of it from my hotel room and I should just be excited for that. 🙂  BUT, it’d be pretty bad ass if I could go hiking there in the next two weeks.  We’ll see!

Here’s to all the cognac, pomegranate and fur hats I can get my hands on.