Today’s Lesson in Football

Keep in mind, I never write about football unless I’m talking about Brady’s hair, so don’t get all mouthy with me after about, You don’t know anything.  Because I do.  And I know the game.  And I know the players.  But I’m no expert, which is why I don’t blog about it.  And this isn’t really about what’s going to happen this weekend.  But it kind of is, because it’s clear we’re dealing with the fact that someone is going to teach someone a motherfucking lesson.

Anyway.  The real reason for this post.

There are ways NFL players and coaches should approach the press and then there are ways to promote getting your motherfuckingassKICKED and embarrassed.  And, pending a win this weekend, I hope the Pats enjoy doing both to the Jets. 

So.  A few thoughts…

Here is what having this little thing called class looks like.

Damn right I have no sleeves. Jealous?

And a reminder of what looking like a loudmouthed, fat jackass looks like.

I'm starving

Now a vision of talent.

Ummm, what does my teeshirt say? Ohhhh. Right.

And a reminder about what it’s like to have to chase, not be chased.

Just a reminder of what it looks like to get schooled. Biotch.

So what was that you said, again, Comartie?
And, one last thing.  Here’s to bad decisions, NY.  Thank you—from me, to you.  A fruit basket is on the way. 

Huh. Want a take-back, NY? Assclowns.

Keep talking trash, bitches.

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