New house, new writing space

Yes, as I’ve been asked by a few people, I do have my very own office space at our new house. And while it’s taken me almost a month to make it into such, tonight I started and I am SO happy.

Office angle numero uno of new writing space

That’s the first look at the new office, before I got started. When it was all my stuff in piles, empty desk, shit everywhere and also filled with our old clothes and storage items which should just be trashed which I should also note were creating bad energy in my room. I am way too specific about what I allow in my room. Such as the husband and the dogs. They tried to come in and sit in the new chair I was given at Xmas from Santa and they were asked firmly to leave. Just because you buy me a chair does not mean you will trick me into letting you ever sit in my office. Please.Note.UGH. Now let’s take a second look.

Piles of creative magic collecting dust

And so, since today I had already cooked my homemade chili all day in the crock, there was no dinner to make, even though it was Try To Be Domestic Night and so I got to just kick around the office and make it look better. And it does. Much better. But not perfect because then I got tired and started watching this movie and then answered an email and now this and so we’ll give it another go tomorrow. BUT, here you go. The first run at setting up the office. Woo-fing-hooo. I feel SO.MUCH.BETTER. My space is BACK!!

Office with a side of Mox

Also, I want to note the first two pics I took with my blackberry because I was too lazy to find the camera and then the last pic I took with the iPhone so yeah, if anyone wants further proof that the blackberry is garbage in comparison to iHeaven, there you have it. And, wave at Moxie. When The Others (my Mr. H and his evil fox) weren’t looking, I let Moxie back in because 1. she knows the secret password and 2. she’s awesome. Another thing. To the right, do you see my NEW GLOBE? ALSO A FAVORITE CHRISTMAS GIFT. God I love that thing. I actually made my Mr. H steal it from a coworker who I doubt really appreciated it because they left it in his office and it had dust on it and the screw was loose and so even though this guy kept being all, NOYOURWIFECAN’THAVEIT, I was so insistent, WHYNOTHEDOESN’TEVENGETGLOBES and then one day it just walked right through my door (sometime Christmas week) and so even though Mr. H said the guy finally caved, I really bet he just took it for me. Swoon. So there you have it. My first attempt at putting together the office. I still have more to unpack and a few shelves to buy, which hopefully I’ll get to this weekend and repost.

About the movie I watched tonight. I’m never one to sit around and act like some Ebert off the streets but when I do see one worth getting all chatty about, I like to share. In the Loop. Never even heard of it until I saw the title come up on the screen but it’s a GREAT ONE. Apparently I’m obviously a year and a half late to the game on this one but I bet not TOO many of my American pals have seen it and this guy Malcolm Tucker. My hero. Anyway, lots of British banter and fancy accents and hysterical, dry comedy at its finest. The actors are amazing and really play fantastically well off each other and I giggled my way through the whole movie. I highly recommend.

And that’s all I’ve got for tonight. I’m pretty beat. Last night I only got 2 hours of sleep. Now it’s 11pm here and I’ve had myself quite the full day. Off to bed I go. Cheers.