Resolving to just be a better me, the work in progress edition

I always have trouble getting my goals and thoughts about the upcoming year on the first day of the year. I figure the second isn’t that shabby. Besides, I have spent the last day and a half sleeping off the end of last year, recovering from a bad flu and getting my house back in order to properly start this New Year. And so, a day late, here are my thoughts about what I’d like to accomplish this year.

I think I have spent the past 15 New Years day-afters thinking of things to give up for the next 365. I’ve given up every food group but junk (and red meat, seriously, I will never give up red meat), a number of different beverages, people, many self-destructive habits and ways of thinking. I’m promised myself to write books, lose fat, gain muscle, become a person that likes things I’m not even sure I like such as baking (which I hate), sewing (which I have no attention span for) and triathaloning ( I’ve made sneaky compromises by giving up red wine (I fancy white), bbq chips (I get all weak in the knees for salt and vinegar) chips, coke (I heart ginger ale). I resolve, if at all, to do things that don’t really count or really aren’t going to make much of a difference in my life because sometimes I like succeeding so much that I choose to take the easy road.

I don’t want 2011 to be easy. I want it to be rewarding and I want to feel like I made more of a difference by the end of it–personally, maybe professionally, just all around change my shit type stuff. (clearly still refusing to add “stop swearing” to 2011’s list, per usual) So let’s go over the list I’ve come up with.

Cook 2x/week: I haven’t had to cook in 5 years. I am a lucky gal to have my own personal husband-chef and its a good thing he loves it or he would surely not like me anymore. But I like cooking, or at least I like to watch cooking shows, which should count for something. And I need to learn a few skills before I become all with-kids-domestic and they grow up and are able to trash talk me to their friends by spreading the word that I don’t know what thehell I’m doing in the kitchen. And so, to make it fun, I’m going to cook my way ahead with Deb, from her A++ site,, which Two weeks ago I tried her (adapted) Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic and I was sooo proud of myself, at the very least for trying and turning out a delightful little meal. And, to add a dash of clichรฉ into the mix, I’d really like to cook Julia’s Beef Bourguignon,for a special occasion. And so there is my domestic contribution to a better me.

Common sense upgrades. These are the little things I need to do merely to act like a functional adult. Mine as well toss them in this post.
1. I need to wash my goddamned face every morning and every night. I know this must just look insane to some people but really, I cannot bring myself to the sink before bed and it’s so annoying.
2. While I’m at it, take my contacts out every night so my eyes don’t fall out of my head.
3. Drink 9 glasses of water a day. I would say 8 but why not go crazy and shoot high. I have NEVER had 8 glasses of water on any day in my life. I’m sure of it. This year, friends, I will BE.HYDRATED! And, I am going to order a supply of the world’s BEST water, Volvic Coconut and Lime, which is AMAZING. Of course it is, it’s French.

The Chronicles goal of the year: 4-6 posts/week. For real.

Nancy Drew super task of the YEAR: FIND.THIS.JUICE.

Honestly. I’ve been obsessed with it for three years and I’ve only had one bottle in my life and I NEED IT. Considering it’s only sold in FRANCE (, I’m not sure how many more random grocery stores I can keep searching. My little heart can only be broken so many times and FRAMBOIS GRANINI, and SHOW YOURSELF. (I will pay big money for this juice and consider inappropriate trades of other sorts. Maybe.)

Professional goal of 2011: Give up the notion that I have to wait until all of my family is dead or has disowned me aka Finish my collection of autobiographical essays. The ones I don’t post on The Chronicles. The ones that I think are the really funny ones….the ones that someone else will obviously not think are funny but perhaps they can be swayed by bribes and monthly direct deposited checks (my parents, surely). The ones I’m saving for The Book. The Book I want to be talked about the way I rave on and on loudly in open spaces about “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim”. The one I’m always talking about but never finishing. And so. I figure I need 30 solid stories to fill a book. I figure at least 10-15 will be banned by my sister alone. (we discussed said banned list at Christmas but we’re still negotiating and no parental opinions are allowed, sorry) I have 15. I need 30 more to go. I’m going to do one 1-2 a week. Then we’ll see if I am serious about this. (I am, I am) Because if I can’t do it this year, it’ll forever just be a hobby and not a career. I don’t want to herd cats forever. I just want to use my 31 years of chaotic dysfunction and dramatic, fresh mouth and inappropriate and very offensive inner monologue to make people laugh. But in something you have to purchase because this shit can’t be free forever.

More selfless behavior resolution:
I’d like to give more this year to charity and people that make a difference in the world. I think I’ll commit myself to my two favorites and then find 2 more to contribute to and contribute at least $500 to each by the end of the year. I know it’s not much, but each is very important to me and I’d like to thank them. The charity list is as follows:
1. Active Minds
2. HART animal rescue
3. tbd
4. tbd
As I donate, I’ll blog about each charity and why I care. Never too late to make a difference, right?!

So. There you have it. Just looking at this list makes me both excited and tired at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you’re enjoying the first weekend of the New Year. Best wishes to you and yours from Germany.

3 thoughts on “Resolving to just be a better me, the work in progress edition

    • unapologeticmoxie says:

      Mox was the best $150 I ever spent. ๐Ÿ™‚ they deserve a lot more than I have to give. Hope you’re fantasic, Mel! Xoxo

  1. Gwen says:

    Love reading your posts. Keep writing…and when the book comes out, I’ll be one of the first ones to buy it…A happy, healthy New Year to you both…. gwen

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