The Chronicles’ 2010 Year End Review

I find “best of” emails or lists or blog posts really stressful. I have a memory like you wouldn’t believe but for the life of me, I can’t remember a lot of my “best of” moments of the past 365. So. We’re going to be all relaxed about this and make a list and if it’s not as complete as it should be, oh well, maybe better luck to myself next year.

Let’s go over some things that happened in 2010.

I got married. For the second time. In a close-as-I’ll-ever-get-to-a-white dress. *Good thing about this is that people LOVE to say this to me: “You’re the only girl I know that’ll marry the same guy twice.” Good one. Morons.

I can almost stretch my leg up to my head with one hand, while balancing on the other foot. I’m at about 75%. I think this is a very handy skill and will continue on with my progress.

I officially changed my name, which means moooove over happy hour…there’s a new HH in town.

I traveled to three new countries this year. (Armenia, England, Montenegro)

I successfully lived through my secret testing of the German socialized medical system. It works. I am living proof.

I upped my blog readers daily by 200% this year. I’m pretty proud of that and thankful that people are either interested in/humored by my ramblings OR are almost near death with boredom that they choose to read pretty regularly. 🙂

I am almost 100% debt-free, leaving only my student loan to pay off, primarily not paid off because I’m lazy.

Now. Let’s go over last year’s four resolutions, none of which I accomplished. More and more proof that I am not perfect. Boo.

1. Read 50 books. I think this was slightly ambitious, though I’m willing to give it another go. I think I read 23 which is annoying.

2. I didn’t go to another continent and with at least three weddings to attend in 2011 back in the States, I am not going to try this again this year because it just won’t happen. Maybe 2012.

3. Lernen Deutsch zu sprechen. I am not even close to conversational, forget fluent. I can, however, understand more around me that is being said. So that’s progress. But not much. This I will keep working at. Must.beat.zi.Germans.

4. Win a photography contest. You’d have to submit something to win. Perhaps, work on laziness would have been a better number 4.

And so. I will have to think about this year’s (probably worthless) resolutions and post tomorrow, when all is fresh and new.

For now, we’re off to meet good friends in Stuttgart for some food, drinks and lots of New Year cheer. Oh, and Germany is famous for people lighting firecrackers off at each other so that should be fun. My first New Years in Germany!

Until 2011…..