Christmas wrap-up, 2010 edition

Christmas this year was fantastic and I feel really blessed to have so many great people in my life, most importantly my family, my husband and the good friends we’ve made here that are now are extended family in Europe.

Each contributed to making this year’s holiday celebration really, really special. After our friends left on Christmas Day, we layed around for about 36 hours straight, and somewhere between our third and ninth movie we went over how fantastic this year’s holiday was and how thoughtful (most) everyone was. Maybe it isn’t so bad when we make our own celebrations. A lot of things are missing from home, but we are starting to do a really great job of making our own new traditions.

Like our Christmas walk. Much like the days when my Dad would take us on long hikes in the snow to wear us out or burn off holiday calories, my Mr. H suggested we all head out for a walk in the forest after Christmas coffee and snack time. And so we did, primarily to check out just how much snow we really did get in the 24 hour Christmas winter snow extravaganza that we got on Christmas Eve into Christmas morning. (please take note of how awesome our furry hats are) I think from looking at the trees and my porch that we got somewhere between 8 and 12 inches, which has left the Germans in nothing but a crazy frenzy to keep those sidewalks clean. We of course declared a no shoveling holiday and so I’m sure we’re really popular on our street this week.

Now. What fun stuff did we get for Christmas? Well, too much to get into, really, but there are a few things I wanted to post.

1. I got my MAGIC PANTS from my Mr. H and I couldn’t be more excited. Magic pants, you may ask? Well, for normal people I think they’re called “Compression Tights” and that’s for when you’re using them to be athletic, which is kind of the point but we all know that’s not why I have them. So stupid story short, after drinking a bottle of wine some night at Thanksgiving I try on our friend Justin’s cycling pants and they are AMAZING. Granted, I was drunk and already somewhat limber but REALLY. All I want to do when I’m in these bad boys is just STRETCH. And kick my legs around. AND I can be caught squatting for no good reason and instead of walking around, I like to lunge in them. And so I told my Mr. H if he got me a pair for Christmas I would most likely be the most athletic wife he’s ever dreamed of having. (and I said I’d have to get some hiking boots to go with them but that was just a trick, reallY) So he gave me the, Pants don’t MAKE YOU athletic, Heather, look and I was all, Um yeah, did you just see me bang out 4 squats? That’s four more than you’ve ever witnessed before and so VIO-FUCKING-LA! I got me my magic pants. Magic because they make me athletic, which I am not. They are top gift number one, OBVIOUSLY. (*picture doesn’t represent my pants or my feelings about my pants or the level of stretching I can actually do that well. Will work to get another more accurate picture of me in my pants soon but at least you can see Moxie is in awe of my abilities, as you all would be)

2. Bucket List items. Traveling and seeing the world is technically why we’re here and so it’s really great when we put in the effort and find weekend getaways where we get to experience something new together. And so in the spirit of crossing more things off our bucket lists, we both ended up giving the other person a weekend away to do something we’ve always wanted to do. And so what are these weekends?

First, is the dog sledding weekend in Switzerland that I gave him, as he’s always wanted to go dog sledding and doing it in Switzerland seems pretty badass. And it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, which will make it even more fun and probably pretty romantic. Wooo hoooo. Apparently the deal is that you hike up a mountain with the dogs and then sled down, only to end your trip in a teepee eating fondue over an open fire with the host family and dogs. Sounds awesome, though they don’t speak English and so we’ll have to brush up on our dog related German. Should be interesting.

And for me? My Mr. H gave me a trip to go HOT AIR BALLOONING IN FRANCE this spring! How.fucking.exciting. AND, since I’ve never been to the Burgundy region, it’ll be like seeing a whole new France, which I’m so excited about. I REALLY love France and though this picture of where we’re going is small, are you KIDDING ME? Wow, it’s going to be a really fun spring.

I received a lot of other thoughtful, meaningful and fun gifts but I’ll have to update you on them later, maybe as I set up my new office, because that’s where most of the gifts now belong. And lucky me, it’s kind of slow at work between now and NYE so I should have plenty of time to get some household stuff done.

But there you have it. My mini-Christmas wrap-up. Hope you all had a fantastic and festive holiday with family and the ones you love! 🙂