Favorite Things, Christmas 23rd edition

As there are only TWO DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS, I thought I’d share a few more of my holiday favorite things.

Furry hats. I used to have three furry hats but I gave the one Katie’s wearing to her for Christmas because I can get myself another one in Armenia next month. So I’m back to two, which means in January I am going to work on a furry, most likely Eastern European, collection. They are fancy.

Festive German door decorations.
And yes, they do sell wreaths over here, which I would normally have picked, but we WON THIS WITH OUR COWBELL at the exciting German auction we accidentally attended in Garmisch. And it has all the elements–Christmas ornament, chocolate and sausages. Who needs a round wreath when you can have this number? Plus, if you get locked out of your house, you can eat most of it and sleep under the branches and you might not die. Win-win.

Old school ornaments. The type I was talking about yesterday, the ones that you buy every year and add to your collection which will one day you will pass on. Now. This one has always been one of my favorites. It was my Dad’s and it was on my very first tree, two months after I was born.


Christmas sleepovers! (NOT TO BE MISTAKEN WITH NASTY CUDDLE PARTIES) See, we invited a few of our friends that didn’t go back to the States to come spend the night at our house tomorrow night so we could all wake up on Christmas together. Sounds festive, right? I thought so.

Last year Christmas was a little lonely and a lot quiet without our families. We thought they were coming this year for Christmas, but since they didn’t, we still stayed and will celebrate it with friends instead! Otherwise, you realize that nothing changed from the night before when you went to bed. There’s no coffee waiting for you in the morning and nothing is in the oven. Stockings don’t look different and after a 15 minute present opening session, there’s not that much do with only 2 people except watch movies and do something with what you got for Christmas. Which I’m actually fine with, but to be able to have a few more people over is going to be fantastic. Here are the confirmed players for the festive Christmas 2-day extravaganza.

The Youns. Our favorite ninjas, mostly because they let me call them ninjas. That’s Steve Youn, fellow cyber crime fighter of terror and Ms. Koko, herder of small people extraordinaire. They came over the same time we did and are fantastic friends and travelmates. Steve has the best laugh (giggle) and thank god for Koko, our voice of reason….I love, love, love them both.

Ms. Caroline. My sweet, southern, partner in crime. She’s my go-to white wine drinking buddy and late-night you can find the two of us performing “We are the World” high atop people’s couches, entertainments systems, or maybe we’re just usually on the floor, wrestling, laughing or trying do to the worm. Seriously, our dance moves together are EPIC. She is so much fun to be around and I (we) love having her as a sidekick here in Germany.

The BRUISERS. Their real last name is Abruzere. They’re our favorite hicks from West Virginia. (they claim they’re from VA but that’s a lie) They are great fun to harass and love to give it right back to us, which we appreciate. Tracy is one of the world’s sweetest and selfless gals I’ve ever met and Damon is great fun to play games with since he typically loses. So far we’ve won his Livestrong bracelet (we had to take it. He lost at pool hahahah) AND his dignity, which he usually loses once a week at our house. Anyhoo, they are beyond loyal and always ready for anything and we love having them (and their two kids) in our lives.

So, there you have it. Today’s edition of my favorite holiday things.

Hope you’re having a festive week!