Happy day to me!

I only have a few hours this morning to get a lot done and no time for writing to I’ll just keep this brief.

Two of my MOST FAVORITE people in.the.world are about to arrive in Germany and I get to show them around and spend time with them for a week! I cannot express how excited I am.

1. They have NEVER been to Europe.
2. It’s Derek’s BIRTHDAY WEEK and I made him lots of chocolate cupcakes last night to celebrate.
3. I get to see some of my family at Christmastime!!
4. They are getting married next July and I get to help my sister with some planning face-to-face!

It’s going to be a great week and I can’t wait to post lots of pictures to show how much fun we’re having.

Hope you all have a very festive and relaxing weekend. šŸ™‚