More December crushes

More things I love about (this) December:

Acorn socks. I’ve been wearing the fuck out of mine (ask my Mr. H how *hot he thinks they are when I wear them with my Pats sweats). And, they are great stocking stuffers and tootsie warmers. Get someone you love a pair and feel good about your gift buying ability. You’re welcome.

Carl Crawford signings. Theo, I love you. Yankees? In.your.face. Oh wait, this is where you claim you don’t care. Whatever.

Eating like a fat kid. This year we are going to start pumping in the calories two weeks before Christmas in the most aggressive fashion. Katie is coming this weekend and we are going to
1. bake every cookie we can think of to be festive and so we can trick my new German neighbors into thinking we’re nice, thoughtful and generous when I leave some on their doorsteps.
2. eat the hell out of Europe this next week. I am going to make her try every street food and little treat I can get my hands on. Even brats because I’ve never agreed with her being a vegetarian to begin with.
3. celebrate Derek’s birthday with a deluxe cake of some sort. Some sort meaning I better make it tonight before they arrive tomorrow. Make meaning buy it. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Late arrivals/early dismissals. Because I had ONE AGAIN TODAY and it’s so luxurious to sleep in and watch the snow, which I can from my bed. High five.

Infinity scarves. I had no idea what these were until I bought one in London. Now I want a million of them. They never end and they always look like a dream. Treat yourself.