Snow days!

Well, kind of. More like come in late and early release days, which is

Today my business trip to Montenegro was cancelled due to Vienna airport shutting their shiz down and the excessive amount of snow we’re getting. (a foot by tomorrow and no sign of it stopping until SATURDAY??) Normally, I wouldn’t mind a trip to MNE but since Keeks and $ are heading our way on FRIDAY, I have to get that house unpacked. (still considering our progress splendid, as we’ve been in-house for 6 days and half of the boxes are unpacked)

Anyway…my exciting news of the day is that we have been released from work at 1pm! Woo hooo! What to do, what to do. Think I might do a little Christmas crafting, unpacking, cookie dough eating and holiday wine mid-day drinking. AND, I think I might watch my second favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story.

Because really. Have you ever seen a better picture comparison before?? I didn’t think so.

Meet me in third grade and Farkus in the movie. Seriously, that picture never gets old.

Alright…it’s time for me to hit the snowy roads. Enjoy your happy (and maybe snowy) Monday!