My Life To-Do, the revised edition

In changing emails, I was sorting through old emails in the dc1 account to forward to the new HsH account to make sure I didn’t forever forget any great correspondences, addresses, recipes, pictures or stories I’d need to quote again someday…and I found two emails that made me want to write this post. First email was from an old DC friend that I used to work with who after reading my blog one day wrote, “God, do you even remember your old life in DC?” and though I do, it seems like it was so long ago….Two seconds later I found an email from August of 2008, entitled, “Our Bucket List.” As I read through the list, I had to smile and think back to the night we wrote it. We were clearly at our old and most favorite dive bar, The Hatter, drinking the night away, dreaming big dreams and making lists of To-Dos for the rest of our lives. At the time, Europe and marriage were not even on the list, which made me realize just how far I’ve come and how much farther still I have to go….

So, here is the list my Mr. H and I came up with in August of 2008. I really don’t know what the christ I was thinking with some of these.
Go to Greece–H
Go shark diving–C
Get a pixie haircut-H
Sleeve tattoo-C
Take race car lessons-H
Send parents to Europe-C (done)
Write something famous-H
Get in workout shape-C
Pant a garden to live off-H (My attempt at being crunchy and organic)
Go to Vietnam–C
Build parents log cabin in Germany–H (this seems a bit expensive haha)
Go to Vancouver–C
Drink sake in Japan–H (What the hell. I HATE sake.)
Learn how to blow glass–H (really? I’m not even sure why or what for)
Surf in Hawaii—H
Skydiving–C (done)
Whitewater rafting—H
Great Wall of China—C
Grand Canyon—H
Build firepit—-C
Make photo album—H
Make recipe box–H
Buy a house—C
Buy jetski—C
Buy boat—C (someone wanted a lot of toys in 2008)
Run marathon—C
do triathlon—H (seems more exciting than a marathon)
Philly vineyard–H
Camp Asatack—C
Shoot guns at fire range—H
Drive cross country—H
Hike Mt. Washington—C
Go dogsledding—C
Take ski lessons—H
Learn how to make moonshine—C (obviously)

I have to laugh as I read some of these. Go to Charleston, SC and Grand Canyon seem weird now. Why were they to-dos then, when I was so close? I will forever want a pixie haircut, learn how to drive a race car (I blame the movie, The Italian Job) and shoot guns (which I blame The Bourne series for). My Mr. H will forever want a million toys, to travel to all the Asian countries(for the food) and to learn how to make moonshine/any other form of booze. Let’s be serious, I will never do a triathlon.

But maybe it’s time for a new To-Do in Life List.

Here is the start to my new list, a month early, as the magic of December makes it seems like anything is possible.

To live a year in two other countries (each). Maybe France. Or Italy.
Make a quilt to add to the one my Meme has made me.
Go to Morocco.
Have a kid. Or two. Twins at once would get the job done. Three is just crazy.
Ski the Alps. This winter would be good.
Find an outlet for my pent-up spiritual frustration.
Finish writing a book. For the sake of self-employment, I want to be able to vodka).
Learn this language. Primarily so I can hear what people say about me.
Jump off the Bond bridge.
Take a yoga/pilates/dance class.
Get two more tats.
Dye my hair dark brown.
Take a cruise.
Take a cooking class.

I had better get started. It’s like one of my favorite sayings…

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”