December favorites

I am a very season/holiday specific person. I like certain foods/drinks/traditions to happen during certain months and December is chock-full of “must dos” and “must haves” specifically for this month. Here is a list of things in December that make me rosy-cheeked and full of glee.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town“–which I will watch at least 4 times this month.

Gingerbread lattes.

Picking the perfect, imperfect tree. ( I prefer short and stout. Trees. Not men.) Then cutting it (if from forest) or stealing it (if from hardware store because let’s be honest, they didn’t pay for them) and then dragging it home. If the tree has to be driven home, I do not like being the tree holder out the window. You know that shit is only ever tied up by some crazy, ratty piece of twine in the trunk that came from who knows where and my goddamned forearms do not appreciate the abuse. Too much pressure, holding the tree up out the window.

Wrapping presents, but more importantly, sticking those name sticker tag things on presents. And using Kraft paper.

Hanging our stockings, which I am going to give makeovers to this month.


Watching snow fall under the street lights.

“All I Want For Christmas is You,” Mariah Carey.
Warning, not only do I losemyshit when I hear this song but so does my sister. And lucky me, she’ll be in GERMANY for a week NEXT WEEK and we are going to do our favorite Christmas dance to this song. What dance, you may wonder? Well, I typically parade around the living room, riding a roll of wrapping paper like a horse, while swinging my hands over my head while she jumps up and down on the couch, then to the coffee table, then we both end up back on the couch, bouncing and screaming and shaking our heads around and pointing until we almost bust the damned thing. Then we REPEAT THE SONG AND DO IT AGAIN.

Advent calendars— because I love a good countdown, especially if chocolate is the reward.

Cranberry muffins (my mom’s) and quiche (Chris’ mom’s) on Christmas morning.

Anything Nutcracker related. If it’s music, I can be found doing ballerina-esque movements all around the house. And by movements I meant dance steps and twirls.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Family cookie baking day, even if I’m not around anymore to do it. Well, when I was there I didn’t help much anyway, unless I was tasting. I suppose I just miss the tradition of it all.

Napping by smoky and crackling fireplaces.

Love Actually. My most favorite couple being David and Natalie. My most favorite part being the airport scene, because who hasn’t been so crazy about someone who you just want to loseyourshit when you see them in the airport?

Kisses with cold noses.

Down comforters.

Christmas cookie candles.


The Polar Express. The book I read as a child. Not the movie.

Spiked egg nog.

The sound of Santa’s jolly laugh, which actually just reminds me of my Dad.

The twinkle in the eyes of little kids, and the excitement you can hear in each little shriek you can hear throughout the month.

Christmas markets!

Fuzzy socks.

The magic of NYC and by the city I actually just mean Rockefeller Center.

The Vienna Boys Choir.

The deafening silence of a still and soft, first fallen snow.

The feeling of hope and magic and miracles can come true,

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    • unapologeticmoxie says:

      Ask and you shall receive. That will be no problem. I will have Chris film and we will send to you and Aunt Sue. 🙂

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