HsH November wrap-up in Germany

Hurray! Today is the start of a new month in Germany. I HEART new months, even if they are bleak and freezing winter months. We have already had our first big snowstorm here and it’s 24 days until Christmas….BUT, before I get into December and getting ready for the holidays, I feel like I owe a good update on what’s new in the life of HsH. First things first–Thanksgiving with our Stuttgart family was fantastic! It really was worth the 20 hour (roundtrip) drive to Italia…and I don’t think much of long ass drives to anywhere.

We stayed in a villa in Umbria, outside of the Todi castle. The villa was enchanting and majestic, with its stone walls, weathered wood, deeply carved fireplaces and small, windy staircases. It sat high atop a hill, giving us the chance to watch the sun rise every morning as we sat outside on the patio, drinking rum spiced egg nog and Bloodys with a kick. It was relaxation and overindulgence at it’s finest–just what we needed!

While in Italy, we took the time to tour two new-to-me cities–Roma and Firenze. (Rome and Florence for those of you that are Euro-version city name challenged like myself–NO LIE, one time it took me 3 hours to find Prague on a map because this goddamned pesky “Praha” was right smack where I was trying to find Prague. I.am.so.lovely) The good news about the day trip to Rome is that 1. I went into the Vatican and 2. I came out alive. Let’s be honest, though. My skin was crackling and burning the whole time and I swear I could hear a hissing sounds in the shadows. Every statue’s eyes followed me and in all of the pictures, my eyes are glowing. I even spit on the floor and sure enough, it sizzled. Shocking. But, at least I can say I made it in and out and checked that godly shit off my European to-do list.

Also while it Italy, I had a portrait done of myself by Miss Sophia. I think it’s titled, “Hater” and the hair seems about right and when she drew the circle mouth and then scribbled it black (violently, I might add), she noted, “You talk a lot.” Kids. So *cute.

And lastly for today, before I forget, yesterday was Shelter Pet Day and I didn’t have internet or the time to post about my love for Moxie, my world-famous side-kick that: smells like slightly overcooked popcorn; climbs up the bed like a koala to spoon me at night, even when I’m naked, which is kinda creepy; snorts like a piggie and hops in place every time I come home from work–which always, always makes me smile; kisses me on the eyelids and nose with her trash breath when I cry; prances beside me on all of our European adventures and is the world’s best listener. Mox, you’re the best friend a gal could have. High five!

That’s all for today. I’m a tad busy with this move we’re doing this week and will hopefully hit you with those details tomorrow. (no internet in the new house…booo…)

Until then, Glücklich Dezember!