Off to Todi, Italy

Seems fitting to make all of my blog posts this week about giving thanks, my favorite things about Thanksgiving and appreciating what I have in my life.

So today. I am thankful to have the ability and resources to jet around the world for work and play, something I never in a million years thought I’d be doing if you asked me five years ago.

This week we’re off to Todi, Italy, to celebrate an American Thanksgiving with about 12 friends in an Italian castle (The Todi Castle, picture included). I know. Weird. Well, conceptually it’s weird, but I imagine it’ll end up being great fun. We’re all packing coolers with the staples, (turkeys, hams, potatos, gravy, rolls, pies, etc) adult beverages, kids (not mine) and dogs (ours) and heading out for the ten hour drive after work tonight. We’re there for 4 full days and then back again on Sunday with most likely more liver damage and lots of new memories with the little family of friends we’ve established here.

It should be a good week, outside of the fact that it’s supposed to be 50 and raining all week. I suppose it could be worse (snowing and grey in Germany). On the upside, the rain will give me a chance to max out my sweatpant wearing, finish two books and work on that blasted scarf I started in 2008. I will not be able to blog, however, which is such bullshit, due to lack of internet for four days. Not being able to write is going to make me losemyshit but I’ll see if I can upload somehow.

So, let’s summarize my big plans this week: 1. Picture taking in a new-to-me part of Italy. 2. Visit Rome! 3. Boozing and QT with good friends.
4. Excessive holiday eating (check out the dinner table in the castle!)

One thing I would like to bring back with me from Italy is a video of me (and most likely my friend Caroline) doing the surfer dance on a coffee table. Should be pretty easy and then I can upload it to the Chronicles because I am a big fan of my surfer dance. I do it everytime I get excited, which is a lot. Add booze to the mix and I should be able to put together a whole Thanksgiving routine to post sometime next week. If we’re all lucky, it’ll be to The Cupid Shuffle, which I just want to mooooove to.


Which reminds me. I’m thankful that I am still limber enough to shake what Linda gave me and for my ambitious, one-of-a-kind and sweet dance moves that I whip out during random social situations.

High fives and happy Thanksgiving Tuesday!