On reading, on writing and on authors of the day

I say book of the week (BOW) because I’ll finish it by tomorrow night and I read 92 pages in an hour yesterday on my plane. This time it’s not just that I’m one of the world’s fastest readers, it’s that I’m enjoying it that much.

Stephen King’s “On Writing” is a great read. People are always asking me for a good book recommendation and I never seem to have anything ready. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone–only my aspiring writer friends–but it’s good.

Since I’m always in the market for another book on “how to write a memoir” I ordered this months ago from Amazon. Honestly, I wasn’t ever going to bother with this one, considering I don’t actually die for his books, but I’m glad I did. I may not be into every book he writes, but he’s a great teacher and lately, I’m in the mood to be taught. Plus, I find it comforting that he banged through his first couple of books drugged up and hammered. So romantic. And he’s funny. Straight shooter funny and to the point, which I think is what I’m always aiming to be.

Anyway, that’s this book of the week.

Now. I’d have to take a weekend to compile the following but I was tagged in a fb note about favorite authors and so I figure we can start mine here and maybe on a different rainy day, maybe once I’m in my new house, in my new office, I’ll go through all my books and update this list and make it complete. For now, we’ll just go with what comes to mind.

Heather’s Favorite Authors (*who have had at least one book that I heart, even if all the others are terrible)

David Sedaris
J.D. Salinger
Richard McCann
Alice Walker
Robert Frost
Dave Eggers
Richard Russo
Joan Didion
Anne Lamott
Yann Martel
Dan Brown
Elie Wiesel
Nicholas Sparks (for the purposes of The Notebook only, to be clear)

Random Heather comment/follow-up question of the day: It makes me lose.my.shit when people list “The Bible” as their all-time favorite book. Don’t get me started. What I want to know is who the author is, or is this some compilation of random short stories? Is that how that would work? Or on the inside cover should it say, The Bible. By God. Or is it Peter or Paul or just the Catholics?
Shit. This is a whole other post. Nevermind.

And so that’s today, my first day back in Germany where it’s dreary, rainy, cold and well, Germany. Seemed like a good day to post about a book…especially because I’m not even sure I’ll stay up late enough tonight to read mine…