Poshy, posh, posh.

Just a quick post to put two of my favorite pics from this weekend’s wedding to prove that I did indeed posh.it.up. I am quite proud of myself. In fact, I am going to start making this feather wearing a weekly thing. Tonight or tomorrow I hope to update with this weekend’s stories and more pics, but for now, here are the feathers. And the pearls. And the lace. And the lipstick. Ta da! I am fancy. 🙂

Also….just something I meant to bring up last week and since I don’t have a lot of time today to post about something substantial, let’s go with this.

I wonder if what people search on Google to re-find my blog are any indication about what’s the first thing that pops into their head when they think of me. I’ve mentioned this before but in just checking my blog stats and searches since I’ve been gone for the past 30ish days, I’ll have you know what has led people back to my stories. Take these searches for what you will.

female clowns 3
men with big balls for women 2
john bobbit 1
housekeeper found my vibrator 1
funny john bobbit 1
nipple womanbig 1
menstruation 1
theheatherchronicles wordpress 1
bed+marrid 1
guys with big sacks 3
picture of germans flag 3
art menstruation 2
big balls. sacks 1
ill woman in bed 1
the perfect man cave 1
sam talbot 1
theheatherchronicles 1
the good husband guide 1
pepe le pew and cat 1

I think it’s the nipple womanbig and menstruation thing that bother me the most. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that out there while I try to catch up from my weekend in London.