Going green and great GOOGLE searches

I need one more night in the office and it’ll be good to go. I wanted to finish it today but alternated between sickness, I finished a book (Cynthia Kaplan’s, Why I’m Like This—bleh), printed a few pictures from my Canon printer and then napped like a cat for all other hours of the day. It was overcast and cool here, slightly smelling and feeling like fall, which I was thankful for, because sun and warmth mean I can’t be lazy but cool and crisp is an invitation to nap. (Heather logic)

So the office is going green in a very having nothing to do with the environment type way. I just love the color green. Here is the result of my IKEA shopping trip two weeks ago.

And the boxes, so that I never lose anything again. (I should note that my office of late is inspired by Elise Blaha’s space. She.is.AMAZING. http://www.eliseblaha.typepad.com/)

And the bulletin board that’s taking FOREVER to fill, but coming along, even though there’s way too much of my face everywhere. I did print 6 pics from around Europe on my new printer today to add, but it didn’t seem to take away from the fact that all you can see is me smiling everywhere so I’ll try to fill the rest of it up tomorrow.

I’m not up to writing for hours tonight, maybe tomorrow. That being said, tomorrow we might have to go over why 2 people found my blog today by searching “stationary dildoes woman big life” (holy what the fuck?? Were those the key words they could remember from previous posts??) and 2 more found it by just looking around for the flag of Argentina. One more found it by searching “naked trolls” (weirdo) and one more by searching “topless 16 year olds” (sicko). Honestly, I feel like I’m running a fucking porn site sometimes, or you’d think so, at least by how people find me. Jeez.