I love sea shell things….

So originally I was told that this video is some guy, wasted out of his mind on some drug, ranting about the randomest of shit. Said guy has a brilliant friend who tapes the whole thing and then someone even more awesome animates it, adds a gecko and puts it on youtube. Fantastic. People on drugs are so awesome sometimes, in a, I love to watch you from afar but don’t get too close to me, drool on me, touch me, etc etc.

Then I find out this is some guy (Dan Deacon) that did this as some project and he’s an ARTIST, which is just a title that means you get write/perform/sing/paint as much weird shit as you can and call it art in case people think you’re terrible. Either way, really hysterical, in my favorite, I love to mock idiots from New York type way. And that didn’t mean I think all people from New York are idiots. I think all Yankees fans are most certainly awful and most likely illiterate and borderline mental and the accent is awful but really, that’s all I was implying about New Yorkers, really.

So enjoy my video of the week, Drinking out of Cups.

And I know, something is wrong with me. I’m fine with that.

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