Coug central.

I am having a girl’s night with Tracy and Laura tonight and I am excited.  We are not only seeing  the late night showing of Twilight, Eclipse, but we are doing dinner and drinks.  Woo hoo.  I haven’t been to the movies OR had a girl’s night in the Stu in a while–should be fantastic. 

This is very fitting that I am going this evening as I was just trying to convince my sister to watch the other two Twilight movies.  She claimed they were for teenage girls or weirdos and I said, yes, that is exactly what I thought as well but I was wrong and so are you.  She still doesn’t seem convinced.  Like I told her, I am obsessed with Twilight and more obsessed with Rob Pattinson and so like a pack of cougars, we’re going to watch topless and blood thirsty vampires under the age of 22. 

Today Tracy and I were chatting on the phone, pondering why these movies never existed when we were kids.  The only two movies I can remember being in love with were License to Drive and Can’t Buy Me Love.  And while both were obviously awesome, they weren’t there to sell sex, more so just about getting the girl, or maybe I was too naive.  Furthermore, when I was 12-14, there never seemed to be a movie that showcased one particular boy’s abs, or were there, and I just wasn’t interested? When we were 12 and were watching any movie that had a cute boy in it, what were we thinking?  Certainly not, I want to take his pants off and teach him a lesson.  Ugh, I’m terrible, but at least they’re legal.

Oh but wait, they’re not.  That kid that plays Jacob is really only 17?  Oh good god, of course he’s only 17, look at his baby face.  Shit.  I should go wash my soul clean, I am a terrible person.  I looked up his wiki page just to be sure and ohmygoodgod, he was born in 1992.  I don’t know anyone born in ’92 and I certainly have never thought cougar thoughts before.  I don’t have cougar tendencies like some of my friends do. (You know who you are, Queen of all Cougars KM) I like men older than me.  I have no time for mommy issues and things of the immature nature and I don’t give a rats ass how much energy a 22-year-old has because it’s not going to do me a lick of good if he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

But jesus, that kid Taylor is 17 and my luscious little Rob is 22.  I am a dirty, old woman.

So that’ll be tonight…me and two other 30-year-old cougars in a sea of 12-year-old girls.  We’ll probably be the ones drunk off wine, giggling and pointing and saying things inappropriate enough to get us kicked out. 

Looking forward to it.