Germanizing the office

Today I went to a German antique store with Tracy and it was a success.  It’s actually a shop that sells the estates of Germans of the deceased variety and it is FABULOUS.  I have never seen such great stuff–elaborate steins for 1euro, pewter plates from every village in the country, salt pottery with bright blue flowers, tables made of marble and granite, hand carved walking sticks, wein glasses of every color, lights, fur coats, purses smelling of rich leather and hard cover books in every language, all smelling fantastically of dust and mold.  I’m told the new shipments come in every Monday.  I figure by Wednesday the goods will be set out and so I have found my new lunchtime spot.  

Here are the fantastic things I bought today:

My very own Mercedes Prima typewriter, circa 1934.  Comes in a fancy black box with a tiny key.  Tonight or tomorrow I’m going to clean it with qtips and then maybe order a ribbon for myself.  It’d be nice to type a book first draft on a typewriter…but for now, it’s going to be showcased on my table in my office.  I LOVE this.  AND, guess how much??  TWENTY TWO  euro.  No kidding.

Next thing I bought is my new, wooden chest.  It’s my second hope chest and I’m thinking of starting a collection of them while abroad.  I think hope chests are a beautiful way to collect memories and I have plenty of things to store–things from my childhood, the quilt my 90 year old Meme made me by hand, things of my father’s, pieces I write, pictures of old friends, letters and trinkets and charms from around the world.   Maybe  I could find a chest in every country I travel to.  That’d be amazing.  This one was TWENTY euro.  Woooo hooooo.

Lastly, I came across a pile of different stationery sets, which was so exciting because while in Paris last month, I finally found a paper shop that sold the most beautiful and vibrant stationery with envelopes and actual paper, ribbons and seals and stamps, notebooks and pens and ink of every color of the rainbow.  I spent 100 euro on paper alone and figured I’d justify it by adding it to the list of things I collect–journals, stationary and globes, all displayed in the office.  And now hope chests.  I figure you can collect 5 things in life without becoming a crazy packrat and I’m only at 4 now and technically three of my collectables can fit in the fourth so it’s reasonable.  (this is in case I am told, You don’t NEED that stuff, Heather, which I am told from time to time.  Of course I don’t need it but c’mon, it’s pretty badass stuff)  Anyway, my new stationery sets come from a number of countries, it’s all old paper that sat on someone else’s desk but never made it out to the poste.  I will be happy to write letters on my thick and grainy and slightly off color paper, especially the set that is all GREEN!  Ah, I love, love, love stationary.  And yes, the more I type, the more I realize that I am such. a. geek.  I know this. 

And so my first trip to the estate market was a success.  If all goes well, by next month, four more trips, I will have filled my office and officially Germanized it.

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  1. Keek says:

    I would like a hope chest as well so I can lock up my memories that make me want to cry or anything else I choose to put in it to lock up. If you fins me one I would be indebted to you for life… nevermind that already occurs. miss you so much tonight 😦

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