Rain, Slaid, jewel keepers and crutches. My life.

The rain is beating down on my skylight yet again.  It’s another damp, bitter night here in the Stu, but I don’t mind so much because it’s office time….I do mind that my heat isn’t working and my nose is cold and it’s May, but the tap dancing droplets are soothing.  I want to declare a song of the day but the one I want cannot be found anywhere online and it is driving me crazy.  That and I think the only people in the world that will know and appreciate the song are the people I went to middle school with.  That being said, I’m going to do it anyway. Today’s song of the day:  The Rain Song, Slaid Cleaves.  (compliments of one Ms. St. Pierre….)  I used to be in absolute LOVE with Slaid.  He came and sang to us when I was 13 and I was convinced I was going to marry him.  I used my allowance to buy his cd and I listened to that song hourly.  Probably even did something dramatic like cry over it.  I know I wrote him a few letters and he was just the sweetest, most handsome guy I had ever laid eyes on.   Dear Slaid, I bet if you played me The Rain Song, I would love you again forever.  Sorry, but we’re all 13 year old girls at heart…. 
If anyone can send me the song, I will send you something fun from Germany or anywhere in Europe I suppose.  Slaid, if YOU send me that song, I am sending myself to you, with or without a bow.  🙂  Any takers??

  Now, pictures of the week and random thoughts.  This is the inside of my keeper of jewels and trinkets and also my very first purchase at a German flea market.   We took my mom to one this Sunday and it was a somewhat successful event, as she bought me this, got herself some Swiss walking sticks and we had some brats.  All in all, a splendid, yet rainy day in Germany. 

I should clarify that she got herself wooden walking sticks with little badges or charm things carved in them…not those outrageously worthless type canes or crutches you see every third German over 40 walking with.   Now normally I would just think such an asshole thought in my head and not say it out loud, in case someone called me out for being insensitive to the disabled, (which reminds me of the time I called all of the Manning brothers SPEDs and someone I’ve never met said to me, Nice, Heather, the oldest one has MS.  I felt pretty awesome that day.) but true story, I have witnessed with my own eyes at least three Germans RIDING BIKES, in the HILLS OF EUROPE, with said crutches in their baskets.  I have also seen at least two of the three get OFF THEIR BIKE, strap on fancy crutches and take off like a bat out of hell.   Tell me how that makes any sense and I will take it back.  Actually, I won’t, so I don’t want any comments about me and my inappropriateness.  I stand firm in declaring these items idiotic.

Anyway, those were our two purchases.  I felt good about my flea market items, even though it was clear that their junk is just like our junk at flea markets only priced in euros, meaning expensive junk.

Ugh, I cannot finish this post filled with randomness.  I am helping a friend make some goodies for a retreat and it’s midnight and considering we already dumped a batch of mint brownies into the bottom of the stove and I have 60 purple hearts to cut out of card stock, I have to get all domestic like again and end with thoughts on crutches. 

Just another day in Aidlingen.