Wednesday crushes

 So I’m crushing on a few things today. 

First thing.  The tulips in my town are beautiful (really, look at the picture I took).  I went to the blumen field again to pick more so I could put some in my mom’s guest room and I went a little crazy and broke my own rule about taking only my share.  I had to.  They are so damned pretty and they are my favorite.  And so now my house is filled with them.  32 of them to be exact.  I told you, out of control.  

Next.  I was cleaning my house for my mother with my headphones on and in the middle of dancing around my kitchen to some old school Run DMC,  the song changes and fuck me senseless, it’s the world’s most romantic song EVER–Unchained Melody, circa 1955.  Oh good sweet Jesus, there is nothing more that I love than a little Righteous Brothers.  *Sigh.*  Seriously.  I don’t even need to get into the movie Ghost because yeah, yeah, that clay clip is great but I mean he’s dead and she’s really by herself and so I can’t get all worked up about them but the song, the song I can get worked up about.  I LOVE THIS SONG.  Add it to the list.  So then it brought me to remember that I love this version as well.  Bono, ugh, you kill me.  Seriously.  The desperation in his voice.  When he does the “I need your love” part, I lose my shit.  Being that desperate.  That angst of needing to be with someone.  Having time move so slowly….So great, really. 

Which led me to remember I wanted to look up a version of U2’s One that I heard while sitting in a bar in Sarajevo (City Pub, which I think is the exact location where the pneumonia started to attack me—great bar, though).  I love MJB and this version with Bono is really great.  So, those are the songs of the day.

Now, I have to get back to cleaning the house for my mother.  It is very important that she doesn’t think I have let my house go to shit, but to be honest, I’m still the same messy little monster I was back at home.