When you find the perfect gift…

I am in gift giving mode lately and working on a few projects for other people (6 for June alone!) so I’ve been doing a lot of browsing online, story writing, painting, etc.  Things are coming along nicely and typically I try not to buy for myself but then I find fantastic things that I think I need or that I get a kick out of and then things get out of control. 

In this case, I was browsing Ann Taintor gifts again for some of my favorite gals and instead, I bought myself one.  How could I resist when I saw this gem?  And hurraaaaaaaaaay!!  It has arrived at my mother’s house just in time for her to bring it to me on Thursday. 

I just love it when I find something so fitting and practical.  🙂  Can’t wait to test it out…..

In other news today, it’s my mother’s 49th birthday (again) and I just wanted to say HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom!  She’ll be with me in two days (FINALLY!)  and I have some great things planned for us.  Can’t wait to show off my fancy life in Germany.

Gotta run.  I have dinner plans in the Stu.  I’ll be sure to write more later this week….