How to kill your child in Germany


This is the warning that is stuck to the blinds in the hardware store in Germany.   Is there anything today that is better than this?  I think not.  Sweet jesus I wish every warning was like this.  I think it’s the teddy that really gets the point across.

And I do apologize for the state that the warning label is.  We’ve been carrying it around this weekend, showing people the sticker.  Inappropriate, I know, but at least I know what my new calling could be if writing doesn’t work out.  Inappropriate, “how your child might die randomly” sticker making. 

And it is funny, so I don’t want to hear about it.

Today’s song of the day happens to be  “Two Step” , compliments of Dave.  Tonight alone I have listened to three different live versions of this song on YouTube.  Obsessed much?  Whatever.

I’m off now to work on my new “All Things Heather” page for my new site.  Need to catch up on that project, set up my NEW PHOTO PRINTER THAT ARRIVED TODAY!!!, and get back to those new iPod playlists.  Big creative week….

One thought on “How to kill your child in Germany

  1. ~Sarah Folger says:

    hey heather-
    I’m a huge dave matthews band fan… if you need/want any bootleg live shows, I’m you’re girl!! let me know if i can burn anything for ya!

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