A day of good timber…

So today we opted to stay home and do yard work, instead of driving south to Lake Bodensee for the day.  It was 50s and breezy but overcast for most of the day, and if I’m going to go to the lake, I want it to be warm and sunny.  And so we stayed and tended to the yard and the flowers and the overgrow brush that grows far too fast here. 

It felt nice to be outside, working in the yard, smelling of coconut sunscreen and going gloveless as I ripped the earth from the ground, with music blaring in my ears and the sun beating down on my shoulders.  I’ve been a bit down since losing my Nana recently, considering each family loss I’ve had in recent years comes with a level of dysfunction and sadness that’s often tough to bounce back from.  It was a good thing to be outside today, working and releasing a lot of pent-up energy and regret I had tucked away in the past few weeks.  A little hard work is good for the soul….

 And I love doing yard work, sweaty and red-cheeked as I jump on shovels and hack at the earth with hoes and picks.  I love cutting the grass and then walking on it with bare feet, smelling it sweet and lush and feeling its soft cushion tickle my feet as it slips between my newly pink  toes. 

I love planting and potting and digging and watering, pruning and clipping, bagging and hauling.   Working outside is honest and rewarding and simple and peaceful and each time I come in from spending hours outside, working and relaxing, I remind myself of how I take all this for granted sometimes. 

I’m not much for city life and today was a perfect example of why I’m just happy to be here, in Germany, enjoying the weather and the country and all the things that come with it. 

Being outside all afternoon made me think of another poem I love and for me this week, it’s very fitting.  Enjoy!









Good timber does not grown in ease. 

The stronger wind, the stronger trees,

The farther sky, the greater length:

The more the storm, the more the strength:

By sun and cold, by rain and snows,

In tree or man, good timber grows. 

–Edna Groh