This is me, today, not in the hospital.  After leaving the Krankenhaus, I went to Wiel der Stadt, a village by my house that has pretty flowers and a great grocery store.  It is sunny, 60s and breezy, and I am happy. 

And so now I will spend the rest of the afternoon drinking iced Nescafe, outside, answering work email and breathing fresh air into my (still) fragile little lungs.  I have orders to be home from work until April 19 (fantastic!) and would say it’s slightly excessive, if not for the fact that it was followed up with, “We’re serious.  We wouldn’t want you to have a setback and be back in here next week.”  Oh good god, no, we don’t want that. 

And so I have no random thoughts for the day.  Just sun, relaxation and welcoming myself back into the real world.