the TB report, Easter Sunday edition

Let the church bells ring and Jesus lovers cheer loudly—I am released for a few hours for Easter!  Hoooooooooooorray!  The hospital has made good on their promises and I am out for 8 hours.   I wrote out my own permission slip (my remedial German is really improving, I am so teach yourself smart), pulled on my jeans and lipstick for the occasion, packed up my day bag and waltzed right out the door with a wave and a “Frohe Oster!” and I was out the door.

 And this, THIS is what the outside world looks like.  Ahhh, I almost forgot. 

And so what do I have planned today?  Well, I’ll lay it out in pictures. 

I did this already.  Which was great.  And I took a walk in the woods, an attempt to build the lung capacity and make Moxie lose a few lbs.  Seriously, we could bake her today and no one would know the difference.  As of last week, we were calling her Honey Ham, so it’s relevant.  But no, we are not baking her.  Instead, the ham is in for 5ish hours, brown sugar, pineapple, maple glaze and all.  I am excited, tickled even.  Everyone knows how much I love Easter ham and it’s even better when I’ve been subjected to hospital fare for 5 days.  (ok, not really, I have been delivered treats on a regular basis)  So the ham is in and I’ve been lying on the couch, drinking espresso (which is not offered at Resort Krankenhaus de Sindlefingen) and playing on the internet, which I feel like I haven’t seen in foreeeeeeeeeeeever.

I also took the time to take a few pictures of the pretty flowers that have sprung up this week in my absence.  I’m disappointed that I’m missing all of the blooming and frowing and freening and such but maybe, just maybe I’ll be out this week to watch from my window.   Last night I got all moody with the world, feeling all sorry for myself about the sickness and whatnot, but then after a few delightful emails and phone calls, I’m back on track.  So thanks, friends.  I really do appreciate the emails while I wait to see if I have TB…which I will know on Tuesday, for all of those interested. 

Interesting facts about TB, by the way.  Apparently you can get it by banging a convict or licking a pole.  Or so say my friends.  A handful wanted to know what prisoner I bedded, thanks, but I gave up bad boys for Lent, girls.  And then my sister Al asked if I had been licking poles like a special kid.  Ha. No, not quite.  The only other way to get TB is if someone spits, licks or hacks on you (likely) or if you drink unpasteurized milk (not likely).   Also, for the record, I cannot give anyone TB until it has home-brewed in me for at least 4 weeks and then it’ll be good for the spreading.  Just kidding, no spreading.  But that’s good news.  Considering I’ve probably only had it 7 days if at all, I still have at least three more weeks to kill it before I give it away like candy.  Fun.

And so for now, still the start of Easter for most of you, I’m going to take advantage of my shower that steams and my couch.  I think I just may do an evening edition later….we’ll see. 

So Happy, HAPPY EASTER to everyone….oh, one last thing.

Fuck you CC.  Fuck you, Yankees. 

It’s OPENING DAY and it’s SOX/YANKS on Easter.  Thank you, Jesus.

One thought on “the TB report, Easter Sunday edition

  1. Justin says:

    Happy Easter! Glad to hear you’re out for the day.

    Yankees rule and repeat. Sox finish 3rd in the AL East.



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