The Wedding Report

And so here it is, our wedding website. 

 I have no idea what I left out and what you’re supposed to do on these sites, but I tossed in some info, a few pictures and called it a website.  Another thing off the wedding to do checklist.

A few updates this website doesn’t feature. 

The Good:

I think I know who will be doing the bar for the wedding, clearly a top priority.  Also important, the fact that we agree on having a pumpkin martini on the drink menu.  Mmm, mmm, pumpkin martinis.  It’s going to get wild.

I had a dream the other night that we were watching the Sox during wedding week.  As in playoffs.  And so with that in mind, I think I might need to add a Sox cake to the mix, because everyone that knows us knows how much we love the Sox.  As in my wedding is scheduled for 4pm, but if we’re playing a 7pm game on the west coast, something is just going to have to change and I doubt it would be the MLB playoff schedule.  Just troubleshooting and prioritizing, per usual.

I think Chris and I have reached a compromise on some things–like how the food will be done and what type of food and the whole decorating thing is easy.  I’m leaving the music up to him because I couldn’t care less and I’m the most generic person on earth when it comes to music.  So generic.

The house is booked and I get to see it in June when I’m home.  Also good is Kyle, my fabulously talented and hysterical cousin who is going to come meet me in Maine and help me with all of the decorating, arrangements, flowers, etc.  I trust his vision, as we’re going with enchanted and warm and fall, of course.  He’s an art student in NYC and likes boys.  I think those two things alone make him more qualified than me to run the show.   I knew he was really the one for the job when he sent me a picture of baby lobster mac and cheese cups from a Woman’s Day magazine. Hahaha, he is a riot.  He’s also featured here because I think he’s just the cutest thing and I’m really looking forward to drinking excessive amounts of wine with him while we attempt to create flower arrangements this summer.  What’s more likely is drinking excessive amounts of wine and passing out on the beach, but we’ll see how focused we can be.  And he’s coming with to our dress fittings (the bridesmaids and also mine) because I know he won’t lie if we look 1. frumpy 2. pasty 3. fat 4. or our boobs don’t look yummy.

The Bad:

I can’t figure out if we should have a tent outside or host the whole blasted thing in the house.  Considering we’re keeping it more like a cocktail party and less like a formal reception, the house could be doable.  What would be lacking, though, is a dance floor.  Without a dance floor, how can I have a few dance-offs?  We’re a dancing crew, my friends, and it just wouldn’t be right if there was no space for someone to do the sprinkler, the worm, the Umbrella (A Dan special), the shopping cart, or any of the other various moves we whip out to challenge each other.  And so then I think tent. 

And then we fought about the tent.  I said if we’re getting a tent outside, then the whole fing wedding is staying outside.  Food and drinks will not be inside, because that will give people a reason to stay in there and then the party will divide and anyone over 55 will stay in the house and then it will just be our friends in the tent, dancing and acting insane.  No.  I did not up my list by 40 people  to enable people go inside and sit.  Chris thinks I’m being insane and bitchy, but I don’t care.  It’s not like half my list of guests is near death.  No one lost a leg that I know of.  And I hate weddings where everyone just sits the whole time and gawks at the 15 30something women that dance like they haven’t been let out of the house in years.  I want EVERYONE dancing like they haven’t danced in years.

I don’t even want to have lots of tables and chairs.  I want it loungy and high cocktail tables and I don’t know why it’s so crazy to want people standing, mingling, eating and dancing.  I’m not serving a three course meal and you don’t need a chair to eat some filet on toast and cupcakes and so I’m not thrilled about this tent thing.  We’ll work it out, though, I’m sure.

The Ugly:

My guest list went from 60-100, making it not so much my guest list anymore.  That was **fun.

I don’t know 20 people coming.  That’s one rule broken.

I invited three members of my family (not as in my siblings or parents) that I despise.  As in want to choke.  Another rule broken.

And so nothing drastic has happened and I can’t really do too much planning until I get home in June.  I hope that’s when the fun starts.  Maybe a week with my favorite girls (and Kyle), at home, is just what I need to kick my wedding planning (and optimism) into high gear. 

**Fun in this case means fucking stupid.  And outrageous.  And not fun.

2 thoughts on “The Wedding Report

  1. Justin says:

    1) I would have thought it would be a Pats cake. It’s been awhile since you’ve mentioned the Sox…wonder why?

    2) You are now seeing why we chose elope!

    • abroadabroadhrsmith says:

      Keep it up, Avery. As I typed, playoffs, I had a feeling I’d hear from you. 🙂 Good thing I’ll see you in October to settle anything in person, eh? hahha, hope you and the fam are doing well. xo.

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