Mark Harmon, you’re mine tonight.

So I had a dream last night that I can’t get out of my head today.  Thank god, because I needed something to replace the horrible images I had of that girl from Paranormal Activity being dragged off her bed or her just staring at her boyfriend for hours in the middle of the night.  Good god, I’m never watching that movie or any other scary movie again.  Hate. 

So anyway, back to last night’s dream.  It has me all hot and bothered, and I even had to tell Chris, because I’ll probably lay in bed tonight, hoping for a replay.  It was Mark Harmon.  Finally Mark Harmon has come to visit me in my sleep.  Thank you, thank you, my nights are complete.  And not young Mark Harmon, featured here and after a little research, apparently featured in Play Girl circa 1986 (which i will find), but the older Mark Harmon.  NCIS Mark Harmon (Agent Gibbs) was in my dream last night and ahhh, I love you Mark Harmon. 

Apparently I was on some dock somewhere, clearly where he keeps his boat he’s been working on, reading a few books on a park bench.  We were chatting about books and writing and what we’d read on the boat for the next few weeks.  Clearly we were setting off into the sunset together for some unknown amount of time.  Then the next thing I know is that I’m walking out of a store, on the dock, towards him, wearing the bridesmaid’s dress I wore in my brother’s wedding, spray tanned and all. ( I have to say, it was a nice look, even though I’ll never be able to wear it again)  I stop in front of him to hand him a water, smile shyly his way and look up as he runs his finger beneath the strap of my dress and says,

“Taking this off isn’t going to be so easy with just one hand.”

To which I replied, as I turned my back to him to stroll away, flaxen, curly ringlets behind me, “You only need one hand for my zipper.” 

Damn, that was a good line, even in my sleep. 

And that was it, hence the hot and bothered. So no, I don’t think it’s wrong that I want a roll in the hay with Mark Harmon.  I actually hope we get back to it tonight. 

Now.  Other men over 50 (or passed) that I’d like to have park their slippers under my bed.

Robert Redford.  Good God, I’ll take him young, I’ll take him old, I’ll take him up, down, around the block and back again.  Or him me, whatever.

Mmm, I just want to eat him alive.

Same goes with Paul Newman, god rest his yummy, break my heart with his eyes, soul.   

Ugh, I think I’ve got a case of I spring fever.