When not to lose your work laptop…

What not to do when traveling through 5 countries, in 40 hours, through 5 security checkpoints….Don’t bother to check your laptop bag at any point to make sure the laptop airport security put back in your bag is in fact, the one you handed them. And, don’t be suspect that you were in fact pulled out of line 3 different times for “random screening.”  In fact, don’t bother to check any of this til Maine, 48 hours, 5 countries, 5 security points, three car rides later. 

Go ahead, say it, I’m stupid.  At this point, I deserve it.

Pray to the payroll gods above that I, Heather Smith, have the laptop of some patient person in Serbia, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Zurich, Montreal, Boston, or eff, anywhere in all of Europe.  And if I do, said patient person, do you have mine?? Because if so, you can reach me at: ihaveawesomejobineuropeidon’twanttobefiredfrom.com  and at this point, I’ll hand-deliver yours, no matter what effing country you’re in.

Yours truly,

Heather “Nancy Drewing this international crisis” S….