Kurbisfest and fall in Ludwigsburg

palace w flowerskurbisAh, with each day now I can feel a bit more of fall in the air.  Take today for instance, it was a solid 50 and no sun and somehow I still loved it.  It still doesn’t smell quite like fall, but I don’t expect it to be prime season until the first week of October, just like at home.  I do expect great things for fall this year, though I’m still not sure the leaves here are the right kind for changing potential.  I want to see some leaf changing fireworks, and I’m just not sure about these trees here.  To kick off fall this past weekend, we all went to Kurbisfest (pumpkinfest) in Ludwigsburg., which is only about 40 minutes from my house.   Lucky me, it was a celebration of pumpkins AND a palace.  God, do I love a good pumpkin.  My obsession is getting out of hand, really.  And a palace, too?  La dee da.  It was the perfect day. 

The palace grounds were amazing.  Even if the kurbis weren’t there (but thank god they were) it would have been great sightseeing.  I really don’t understand how they keep up with the grounds over here, especially since I never see anyone working on the grass or the flowers.  These Germans must do it overnight, when no one is looking, to keep up their impecable landscaping images.  Oh, speaking of such, I am in a massive fight with the old biddy from next door.  Ime under pumpkin hut really had high hopes for us, especially after finding out she speaks English, but she had to go ruin it with her (very poor) decision to use the words “impolite” and “American” in the same sentence.  Last week I had put the dogs out back for awhile so that I did not have to watch them stare at me through the glass.  They are the absolute worst at keeping themselves busy, god forbid they chase a butterfly or run laps around the house.  I figured I’ll put them out back, get some work done and go let them back in later.  Well, just as I went to let them back in, said old biddy sees me and waves for me to wait so that she can come around to the front and talk to me.  I figure she’s going to ask me how I like it here, how my weekend was, or just say hi like a normal person.  But no, she had to go get all anal German on me and inform me NOT to put my dogs in the back anymore, because “maybe I do not know what is impolite like most Americans don’t know”, but she was not interested in seeing them to their business in my yard, which is 10 yards from her house, OVER A FENCE.  She then proceeded to tell me that maybe in America it was also acceptable for me to let my grass grow where neighbors can see it, but in Germany, it is polite to take care of your yard.  No she did not just start this with me.  Yes, yes she did.  And impolite?  Well, she asked for it.  Maybe I should tell her that maybe she does not know, as most Germans don’t, that it’s not just impolite, its really very RUDE  to stare at neighbors, their yards, their houses, their dogs, their anything.  Maybe I should also tell her that as an American woman, I have better things to do then shake my sheets out the window every day, bake a strudel and talk to all the other old biddys on the block about whose flowers are not up to par this week.  And so now, I am not mowing my yard until October.  And every morning, the dogs and I are going to parade around the backyard doing the Poo Parade.  That’ll teach her a lesson about what’s impolite and what’s none of her stupid business.  Ugh.  Welcome to Germany, not everything is rainbows and day drinking.  Now, back to the pumpkinfest.

I’ve never seen so many pumpkins and ghords in my life, though I was disappointed in a few things.  They did not have an annual pumpkin growing contest, the one where the 300 pound pumpkin isn’t even nice looking anymore, but you are still so excited that it won the blue ribbon.   Also, there was a bit of cheese factor going on at “the World’s Largest Pumpkin Show”.  Most of the pumpkins were arranged to make storybook scenes.  Though it was great for the kids, it cinderella displaywas kinda creepy for the rest of us. I’m not sure how some of these kids didn’t have nightmares that night of the witch eating Hansel or how ugly Cinderella look.   And lastly, there were no pumpkin martinis (I miss you Half Moon Bay pumpkin Martini), pumpkin wine, pumpkin beer (in germany, really?) or pumpkin pie.  I did eat akurbis ravioli nice little pumpkin ravioli and bisque, but really, that doesn’t make a festival, now does it?

Anyway, it was a great day outdoors with friends and we ended it with an evening at the bier garten, per usual.  I met Albert, my new German friend with the handlebar mustache who told me after 6 beers, “I can always watch a football game, but how often is it that I can talk with a blond girl from America with blue eyes?”  Ah, Albert, you charmer, they’re hazel, but I’ll let it slide. 

I’m off this week on yet another German adventure.  Tomorrow we’re off to tour Germany until Sunday— and making a stop in Sylt (thank you for the fabulous suggestion) with Lainie.  Sylt is the home of the very first nude beach in Germany and its rumored that saunas line the beaches so that you can warm up, streak into the North Sea, and then warm up again.  How very kind of them.  I can tell already it’s going to be a very interesting week….