Dueling castle towns

P1000572[2]So finally I have a reason to write about my hatred for Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Thank god, it’s been two plus years since I visited that assclown town and now I have something to compare it to, which gives me the right to hate it, as I am clearly a seasoned castle go-er now. (these pictures are from two years ago when I visited)

I’m not becoming a castle snob by any means.  But if you’re going to parade around the internetP1000576[1] and every map of Germany, claiming to be fantastic and full of little treasures and presents of wonder, you had better be a damned good castle and you had better give me something to look at.  Der Tauber, I think means over the river, the Tauber being in that town somewhere, I’ll have to take their word for it, I guess.  I never saw a damned river (first lie)…Anyway, it was a bust, and even the Chinese food wasn’t good and I’m not talking mall China Panda chinese.  It claimed to be authentic.  I think the only authentic thing there was the waitress and she was German so how authentic is that really?  (I know, I know, you can be Chinese and German, but not the point for my purposes in this post) Who knows why I still trust authentic Chinese food in Germany.  Lesson number 513 learned.

I did have high hopes in entering the town.  I mean you literally pull into a gate, the castle walls, and before you is supposed to be this quaint little town.  No, it’s stupid.  There was a man with a latern in the town center, per usual, leading around a pack of Eagle Scouts, typical.  There was a shabby old wall and a bunch of restaurants that weren’t P1000590[1]open, typical Sunday (hence the Chinese food).  What there  was was the promise that Christmas was around the corner (it was June) and that they invented the Christmas tree.  First of all, get out of here with the Christmas tree talk.  Everyone knows that my dad invented  the Christmas tree the first time I went out with him to chop one down and I guess over here they talk about Christmans in June or July and they don’t mean a mid-summer clothing sale. 

Furthermore, after doing a little research, I find that the townspeople of Rothenburg, those sneaky little cheats, are going to have to battle it out with the people of Riga, in Latvia, who claim THEY started the Christmas tree (here is all riga_christmas_tree_1the proof you’ll ever need) .  Jesus, it’s like me finding a bunch of weeds in my backyard and saying I invented the daisy.  Consider it done.  So, point of this little story is that Rothenberg is terrible and I found a real town within castle walls that is NOT terrible.

castle walls WDSWeil der Stadt, a fantastic little town within castle walls.  I went here yesterday, by chance, actually, as we did our usual drive around Germany Sundays.  This whole, work and physical labor is illegal on Sundays, thing is great for relaxation and car rides in the country. And so we stumbled across Weil der Stadt, which is only ten minutes from my house.  Who knew?

Apparently, not only is it the winner of my castle towns contest this week, it is also home to the Carnival, the mini Carnival, which is just fine by me.  Another thing is is home to is puppet making shops (you have to see these silly little puppets), horse drawn carriages used for actual transportation and not show, endless fountains and statues of jesters, which makes sense now due to it being the home of minijester shop Carnival.  And unlike that rotten Rothenburg, there is a lot going on on Sundays, it is not a ghost town, and you can bike, walk the trails, have some ice cream or a beer, and do pretty much whatever tickles your fancy.  I appreciate that in a town.  I wish I had brought the good camera with me, but all I had was the weil der stadt riveriPhone so my pics are limited from yesterday’s trip.  That and I wasn’t showered and was wearing a beater and gym capris, none of which is going to make it into a photo for this blog…I think since I love this little town so much, though, I’ll take the train back this week and walk around to document it all.  I’m still finding it very hard to believe that these towns have terrible Wikipedia pages, but they do.  Weird.

In other Aidlingen news, I made it through a weekend without busting my tailbone on the trampoline, saw my first Stuttgart rugby match (which would be more exciting if I understood the game, am working on it), tried on a few dirndls so that I can be sure to find the perfect one for September, cleaned up the vines to be sure my prison punch is still a reality, and finished my longest piece of writing in a long time.  I am going to submit that damned thing somewhere because I’ve decided I should just be a stay at home travel writer/castle critic/vagabond journalist of some sort.  Wouldn’t want to get used to the real world again.  😉

And for today, that is all.