Why I love fall, and most of all, October

fall in new englandThis list is a little early, me being over summer and dying for fall and all…..but as fall nears and it will be my first year ever not in New England for the start of fall, so here are the top reasons I’ll miss it.

The Big E.  The state houses, the corn on the cob on a stick, the rides that make you want to puke, the corn dogs, the beer and the friends I won’t see this year…

Leaves changing, bursting into flames of orange, red, yellow…

The first day you walk outside and smell the change in the air-the crisp, fresh smell of change accompanied with the slight and welcomed chill. 

Pumpkins, farmer’s markets, bales of hay…

State fairs

Red Sox playoffs

My birthday month, get your gifts ready…

Haunted hayrides, minus the crazy guy with a chainsaw.  I hate him.  I’m always on the path two feet from him and I don’t think he’s funny at all.

Hot apple cider.

Apple picking

The start of football season. 

Watching Tom Brady in tight pants.  Watching Tom Brady make everyone look like JV.  Watching Tom Brady bend over, connect in the end zone, make it look effortless.  Watching Tom Brady. 

Listening to the whining about New England sports and cheating. Whaaaaaaaaaaa. In Belichick we trust, go ahead and be jealous and paranoid and insecure.  It happens.

Leftover turkey sandwich making with copius amounts of gravy.

Lazy naps under down comforters with windows wide open.

No humidity and no bugs.

Walking in the woods and hearing the earth crunch beneath you.

Back to school supplies and clothes, even if you’re 29.  Everyone likes colored pencils…

The word Autumn.

Chopping and stacking wood and knowing there’s an art to it.

The smell of the first fall bonfire.

Pumpkin pie.

The taste of salty pumpkin seeds.

Turtleneck sweaters.

October, all month, every year.

Jumping in a pile of leaves.

Funnel cake, candy apples, blue ribbon awards for anything farm related, and spin art.

Cold noses and feet, snuggling in bed.

And oh yeah, giving Yankee fans a reason to shut the fuck up.  Talk all you want in August.  Give me a ring in October. 

Ahhh, I cannot wait for fall.  Even if it is fall in Germany….

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