Camping with the Swiss

IMG_0198I’m a terrible writer this month.  Actually, I’ve just taken on a few too many creative projects, leaving me lazy with this whole blogging thing.  Must work harder on it….So where are we?  Well, since I’ve posted last, we camped in Switzerland, drove through the Black Forest, I friended the locals (the old woman’s name is Gisela, we’ve made verbal contact and she kissed me again), learned some German, attended the Zweibelfest (Onion festival) and yesterday Chris and I celebrated our three year anniversary at Rainbow Garden in Boblingen, a fancy little Thai place with a fantastic fish tank.  Also, in an attempt to be the most fantastic fiance on the face of the earth, I painted him a picture for a gift.  Painted, yes, that’s correct.  It’s of Moxie of course and it’s fabulous.  I’ll post my masterpiece later.  Sooo, as you can see, I’m keeping busy. 🙂

So Switzerland, what a great country to visit.  We went last weekend, the first of August, and without knowing it, showed up during Swiss National Day Weekend, the Swiss version of July 4th.  Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is the most beautiful town I’ve ever camp jungfraupitched a tent…The Jungfrau region itself is breathaking, with its flowers all colors of the rainbow, pristine and crashing waterfalls around every corner, base jumpers and parasailers jumping from high atop the Alps, floating and landing in the fields before us…really some of the greatest live entertainment I’ve seen in quite some time…And the Alps…well, clearly you just don’t see much of that back in the states,  or at least I never saw anything like that.  We were situated in a valley, three mountains directly in front of our tent, some with snowcaps, some with green moss, all with a magestic beauty that was worth the four hour drive.  And the drive itself was amazing.  Ever been to Interlaken?  That town itself is a little gem.  I’ve never seen water so torquise in my life, and I’m not even sure that’s the color of this water.  That lake is like a interlaken boatsetting where you’d imagine unicorns drink from while fairies ride their backs (I’m very into unicorns these days, no idea why)…At the very least you can fill your water bottle straight from the depths of its icy goodness, I know I did.  I considered the fact that I might die of some water poisoning, knowing I’d never drink straight from any lake back home, but I risked it to test my theory that this water was as pure as it gets.  I was right, and it’s been over a week now, I’m still alive, and so I consider my science experiment a success! Freshpups mtns water!

Our weekend was pretty lazy, and by lazy I mean fabulous.  We took a lot of walks, did a lot of grilling, card playing, vodka drinking (watermelon vodka and fruit punch was drink of the weekend but ask Chris how that ended up for him hahaha) and our campsiterelaxing with our feet up, enjoying the view.  I really couldn’t ask for much more out of a camping trip…maybe a little music, but we’ve already fixed that problem with some new speakers for next time (thank you Heineken promotional summer case, speakers included, so trashy).  Think we’ll bewaterfall camping back around Labor Day.  Everyone else is headed to Greece for Labor Day, but with two friends coming in September and a family visit in October, we need to save some cash and spots to visit.  Can’t let it all get redundant too early. 🙂 Nahh, just kidding, that won’t happen.  Anyway, here are a few more Swiss camping pics…I’m off to finish mowing the lawn now that its stopped raining.  So very domestic of me….I’ll be back later to give an update on the Black Forest and my new life as an abstract painter.  Wait for it….

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  1. Nick says:

    I will it slide this time that you are passing on Greece, only because I know you will get there soon. I can only imagine the review you would write after that trip.

    So far, it all sounds absolutely perfect!

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