Ready or not Germany, here I come…

After starting and restarting blogs and journals and other assorted ways to document the next stage of my life, my umm 30s, my new life in Germany, my ENGAGEMENT, my almost marriage, my last days in DC, my last days in Maine…well, I decided that blogging “The Heather Chronicles” was fitting.  Hey, I’m going to be on the job search over there for potentially months (hopefully a month, so as to avoid this nasty little thing called deportation), so I  find all of this the perfect excuse to catch up on some writing and have somewhere to keep all the new stories Chris, Dante, Moxie and I make.  And let’s be honest, there will be way too many stories once I unleash myself on Europe.

So, Germany!  Yes!  Chris is already there, has been there working and living in a hotel for 29 days.  He has even somehow managed to find us a nice little home in the quaint village of Aidlingen, Germany.  What’s unfortunate is that our cute little town doesn’t have is a wikipedia page.

And so I have found my first mission in Aidlingen.  Not to learn German, not even to find a job (I will, I will) but instead, I’m going to become the Wiki girl.  I am going to wiki the eff out of that area.  I can’t seem to understand why no one else is over there, playing photographer, trying all the cafes and cuisine and blowing up all Baden-Wurrtemberg with amazingly delightful Wikipages (blowing up as promoting, not destroying).  Well, Germany, here I come to put you all on the map.  I know you’ve already got many great places on the map but I feel it’s not fair to have even the tiny towns on the web.  ESPECIALLY the one I’m about to call my home.  I cannot wait for my first mission, and I accept enthusiastically.

And so as of today, I have officially 9 days left in DC, 25 days left in the states.  Bought my ticket yesterday, all my bags are packed, dogs are ready to go, and we are ready to kick it in Maine for two weeks and then get to Germany QUICK. 
I will miss DC a lot, probably as much as I’ll miss Maine, and I’m glad I spent the better part of my 20s living in NOVA and working in the city.  Before I leave DC, I’ll write the city a tribute of all the things I’ll miss…..but not tonight, tonight I’m relaxing with the dogs and getting ready for yet another good-bye dinner, this time with Patty and JJ, two of my most favorite people in this city.  We’re hitting Evening Star for a little outdoor drinking action and I couldn’t be more content with the plans.

Until another day…